1. Why wear a TOTOPAXI® cover over my helmet?

  • I can change my helmet’s appearance and my style whenever I want
  • I can protect my helmet from scratches and other damages
  • I can transform an old helmet into a cool new helmet
  • The reflective stripe and the patterns make me more visible, and consequently safer
  • I can match my helmet with my outfit
  • I can match my head with my partner’s
  • Life’s too short to wear a boring helmet

2. Why is TOTOPAXI® an eco-friendly product?
The Lycras are dyed with ecological inks;
The elastic used on the cover is recycled and recyclable.


3. What are the models available?
Currently, we have two models for motorcycle helmets: “open-face” and “full-face” models. 
We are currently developing other kinds of helmet covers. Bike helmet covers will be available soon.


4. Will the cover fit my helmet?
Yes, one size fits all. Our covers are designed to fit most helmets, except the modular ones (for now!).
We currently have two models for open-face and full-face helmets. Although the structure changes from helmet to helmet, the cover will adjust and adapt easily due to the high-quality stretchy lycra. 

For full-face covers, please check the INSTRUCTIONS link. Don’t worry about cutting the fabric; the hole does not get bigger. 

5. Is it safe to use a TOTOPAXI® cover over my helmet?
Totally. Covers can easily be removed and are not fixed to the helmet.
It is not recommended to wear this helmet cover while running since they aren’t waterproof. Our team is working on a new collection that will include this feature.
We assure that with TOTOPAXI® in your head other drivers won’t miss you, therefore you’ll be safer!  
The stripe at the middle of the helmet is reflective, making sure you’ll be visible at night also.


6. Can I use a TOTOPAXI® cover on my bike helmet?
Currently, our models are only available for motorcycle helmets. However, we are already developing covers for bike helmets’. Stay tuned!


7. Can I order a customised cover?
Customisation orders can be made depending on quantities. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Here are some examples of customisation:

  • Marketing actions
  • Special gifts (corporate, wedding, team building, press kit)
  • Sport events
  • Advertising: a logo or message on your cover!

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